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Inbound Semester Exchange

Outbound Semester Exchange



Calling all undergraduate engineering students, the AIMS Programme is now open for application
PERIOD OF STUDY: Academic Year 2021 in Semester 1 in August -December 2021

This program allows undergraduate students to go overseas and study for a semester with scholarship.

AIMS : http://global.kmutt.ac.th/the-asean-international-mobility-for-students-programme

Other partners:https://global.kmutt.ac.th/academics/exchange-programs/outbound-exchange-student

1. Nomination letter from the Faculty/School
2. Application form (Download here)
3. Official academic transcript
4. Photo size: 4x6cm
5. A copy of passport (with Thai Nationality)
6. Resume or Curriculum Vitae
7. *Medical Certificate
8. English Proficiency Test Results (TOEFL 500, IELTS 5.5, TETET 5.0, or depending on partner universities requirements which should not more than 2 years old)
9. Self-Pledging letter (for students with GPAx lower than 2.0)


Guidelines for Semester Exchange Application

This program is open to all FULL-TIME undergraduate or graduate Engineering students. All interested applicants must have a minimum GPAx of 2.0 (or higher for some universities), satisfactory level of English language and be nominated by the Faculty /School.

STEPS to follow: Fill out the KMUTT outbound application form. The forms have to be completed with accurate and complete information. Please include the latest academic transcript and English test results, also a copy of your passport, Photo 4x6cm, Resume or CV, Medical Certificate, and Self-Pledging letter (for student who has GPAx lower than 2.50). The documents must be scanned and send to nonemar.gor@mail.kmutt.ac.th and ice_engineering@kmutt.ac.thand drop the hard copy to ICE office.

  1. Fill out the application form. Seek an advise from the supervisor or adviser and/or the department head to check the courses to be taken from the partner university
    Download Applicationform here:http://tiny.cc/OutboundExchangeAPPform This is to ensure that they can transfer credit. The pre-requisite subjects must be checked too. All these pre-requisites must have already been taken so the host university will allow enrollment for the said course. Please be aware of the academic calendar as well. (NOTE: The application deadlines are different for each university.)
  2. Submit one printed copy (original) of documents to ICE Office for screening. Please COMPLETE necessary documents and wait for the next step.
    The eligible students will be called (email/LINE) for an Interview and selection by IA Office.
  3. If the application has been granted, the applicants can move on to the next step. If not, some of the courses might have to be changed. Therefore, the department should provide immediate assistance in deciding which courses to take based on the suggestions given by the host university.
  4. Once this has been settled, we have to wait for the arrival of the Letter of Acceptance. It will be sent to the students directly by the host university or through the International Affairs office. This letter will then be used to process the visa. The visa processing must be done by the students on their own, but ICE can help suggest if there are any questions.
  5. Once the visa has been approved, the plane ticket may now be booked.
  6. The students need to work closely with ICE to finalize their accommodation and airport pickup service. In some cases, the host university requires the students to settle with them directly about accommodation and airport pickup details, but students need to inform ICE once the information is finalized.
  7. Students need to submit the university request form for the credit transfer matter. However, this document (request form) needs to be copied and provided to ICE as well.
  8. For the scholarship, please be aware that only some universities provide it and they don’t cover all the expenses. Students who are interested to go for semester exchange must be willing to shoulder the cost including airfare, accommodation, food, visa, insurance and etc.

The students are expected to report to IA, ICE or department immediately as soon as they have arrived. They are also expected to provide immediate feedback if they have any issue so actions can be taken

Please take into account that the exchange program this year can be postponed or cancelled based on the COVID 19 pandemic situation and host universities’ consideration.

Other documents:

AIMS University and study fields table (Download here)

Student Report after completion (Download here)

List of outbound semester exchange program 2021


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