Summer Internship Program


Undergoing the internship program is a requirement for all undergraduate Engineering students in order to complete their course. They can either look for a partner company within Thailand or overseas. They can choose to do it in industries or with other universities. However, they are required to submit reports in the end as a proof of their internship completion.

Those who wish to do their internship abroad can go to the International Center for Engineering (ICE) for application. ICE has opened doors for all undergraduate Engineering students who wish to do their internship with our partner universities overseas. As of now, KMUTT Faculty of Engineering has a growing number of partner universities in Malaysia, Singapore, France, India, Indonesia, China, Germany, Japan, and Taiwan to name a few. Over the years, KMUTT has partnered with many universities to open doors for different partnership programs and this summer internship is one of the programs.

Application Process: Students who are interested to apply for this overseas internship have to apply at ICE and fill out the application form. Once it is done, these application forms will be submitted to the partner University of their Choice. The university will then inform ICE about their chosen applicants. They will also inform ICE if these students will have scholarship or not. Once they are accepted, students will then have to process their visa and arrange their travel details. A pre- departure orientation will be given to all students before they leave the country. During their internship, ICE will check on them every once in a while. Upon completion of internship, they will submit to ICE all the requirements.

Application Process usually starts around October and closes by January the following year.

Pre-departure orientation will be on 26 April, 2013. The date for orientation will vary each year depending on the availability of the persons involved.

Scholarship Coverage: If accepted in a particular partner university, students will not be required to pay for tuition fee. They may also receive accommodation arrangement from the partner university. However, some universities offer scholarship that covers flight details, accommodation, and allowance. This is depending on the funding of the university and the agreement between KMUTT.

Duration: Students who were accepted for the program should have at least 6 weeks of internship program. They are expected to work on a project with a partner professor in their chosen university. They have to document what they have done and submit a report upon going back to Thailand. It will then be credited for their internship subject.

The period of internship will start after the final exam (last week of May) to the first week of August (before the term start around mid of August)

Status for 2013:

This year, a lot of students showed interest in applying for overseas internship. There were 49 students accepted to do their internship abroad. Below is a list of the partner university and the number of students accepted this year for internship:

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Taiwan 3

National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (NKFUST), Taiwan 4

National Tsing Hua Univeristy (NTHU), Taiwan 1

Kanazawa University, Japan         10

Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Japan 5

National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore 2

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore 3

Institute Of High Performance Computing, Singapore 6

Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia 2

University of Bremen, Germany 9

ESIEA France 4


Plans: Faculty of Engineering intends to extend the coverage of internship for the following year. There will be more universities involved and more students will be accepted in every university.


ICE will open the application for the 2014 batch around October 2013.